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"Job Tech" - based on a hybrid provision of a pool of Global Teleworkers, "Human Cloud" and a mechanism for optimization and efficiency by AI and IT, "Job Stack".

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Shuichi Iinuma


August 2019


JPY 191 Million

Headquarters Location

NID Building 3F, 1-23-9, Honcho, Nakano City, Tokyo, 164-0012

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Company History

November 2008 Established IP Partners, Co. Ltd. for IT consulting in Shibuya, Tokyo
January 2009 Launched "Koelab" audio data to text conversion service
September 2010 Launched " Yasuokoshi.com" as a low-cost version of "Koelab" service
September 2015 Established OI Partners Co. Ltd. as a 100% subsidiary in Shibuya, Tokyo
June 2017Established IP Capital Co. Ltd. as a 100% Subsidiary in Shibuya, Tokyo
March 2018Registered Workers reached over 5,000
April 2019 Registered Workers reached over 10,000
July 2019 Launched referral service specializing in major consulting firms
August 2019 Established Joblab Co. Ltd. as a pure holding company with a capital of JPY 20 million in Shibuya, Tokyo. Acquired IP Partners, Co. Ltd. as a wholly owned corporation
October 2019Raised JPY 20 million through a third-party allocation and increased its capital to JPY 40 million
March 2020 Raised JPY 85 million through a third-party allocation and increased its capital to JPY 82 million
May 2020 Launched consulting services specializing in Maas (Mobility as a Service)
September 2020 Registered Workers reached over 20,000
February 2021 Raised JPY 216 million through a third-party allocation and increased its capital to JPY 191 million
March 2021 Launched financial support services focusing on registered workers
November 2021 Head office relocated to Nakano City, Tokyo


Joblab Member

Shuichi Iinuma


  • Started a software development venture while a university student (University of Tokyo / Faculty of Engineering). Involved in the establishment of Microsoft Japan as the first Japanese programmer for Windows
  • Developed the technical foundation for the company's growth as the lead architect of large-scale systems at Andersen Consulting (current Accenture Japan Ltd.)
  • Developed Japan's first data broadcasting technology as well as created copyright data standards and platforms for national projects as a director of a start-up company
  • In 2008, he established IP Partners Co., the parent company of Joblab Co. Ltd., and continues to the present day.
  • Member (officer) of middle Asia’s culture economy of Association of private diplomacy promotion. Member of Foreign Affairs Council (FEC), Central Asian Cultural and Economic Committee (to present)

Tsuyoshi Watanabe

CFO Director

  • Engaged in Finance Auditor for Startup & mainly Regional IT Company at EY ShinNihon Limited Liability Auditor. Engaged in accounting audits of domestic IT businesses and start-ups at EY Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC.
  • Engaged extensively in fundraising, M&A, corporate assessments, Due Diligence, organizational restructurings such as company splits, establishment of management divisions, and handling audit firms and securities firms at overseas corporations and start-up businesses
  • Joined the firm (2019), appointed as Director and CFO (2020)
  • Certified public accountant, licensed tax accountant

Kousuke Tagawa


  • Load experience as a Professional in the human power cloud business. As the head of Koelab (transcription business), which had just started up at that time, he was responsible for marketing, recruitment, training, and supervising management system, optimization of workflow, quality control, etc. He gained experience as a professional in this field
  • A returnee from Canada, where he lived for about 10 years as a student



IP Partners Co. Ltd.


  • Production and Distribution audio/visual contents
  • Development and Operation of Communication Software
  • Hosting a variety of workshops and seminars
  • IT Consulting
  • Incubation of the above

IP Capital Co. Ltd.


  • Investment & Financing Business
  • Investment Management Business
  • Business Intermediation, facilitation, and consulting services in M&A and other advisory services
  • Venture capital business
  • System development and management consulting business

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