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Business Introduction

Group Companies

Group Company

IP Partners Co., Ltd.

  • Providing IT consulting services through “Renkon,” etc.
  • Providing multilingual translation service by “Yaklabo.”
  • Providing back-office support services through the online assistant service “Dekisugisan.”
  • Providing a variety of side job referral services through “”
  • “Fuji Gallery Shinjuku” presents art galleries/space production through paintings, arts and crafts, etc.
  • Incubation related to the above

IP Capital Co., Ltd.

  • Investment & Financing Business
  • Investment Management Business
  • Business Intermediation, facilitation, and consulting services in M&A and other advisory services
  • Venture capital business
  • System development and management consulting business

ACP Co., Ltd.

  • Providing IT consulting platform services
  • Providing IT professional human resource solutions and support services
  • Provide DX strategy planning and solution services